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WEF Leader Profile: Nick Arhontes

2015_11_13_WEF_Nick_2[1]My role is leading a team who support OCSD and our ratepayers in the following areas: Sewerage System Management and O&M, NPDES Source Inspection/FOG Reduction, Odor and Corrosion Control, Collection Facilities Repairs Engineering and Contracted Services, Fleet Services and motor pool operations including crane and rigging services. I work with staff, the Department Heads, Board members, Regulators and the Public to ensure overall compliance with OCSD’s Mission, Vision, Values, and Levels of Service. We help deliver safe and reliable cost effective solutions to whatever we are faced with.

While working with CWEA and our Collection Systems Committee, I was introduced to the WEF CSC by Rick Arbour and Rich Cunningham. That event followed by and support from OCSD management lead to my expanded adventures with WEF.

Receiving the WEF Collection Systems Award recognizing my service to WEF and the WEF CSC was my proudest WEF achievement so far. Also sharing our OCSD regional approaches to solutions and how we work effectively with our satellite cities and sewering agencies. I think this was an important part of why I was selected at that time.

Being a member of WEF is worth it. It’s also an excellent way to help serve others and learn and grow professionally as well as personally. I encourage others to seek opportunities beyond their “day jobs” and helping CWEA and WEF……….and other organizations are all personal growth opportunities. What you bring back and implement helps your employer too.

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