Here are a Few Reasons to Become a CWEA Member

CWEA provides value for its members. Whether you’re just getting started as a young professional or have a couple decades of experience, you’ll benefit from the opportunity to work closely with your fellow wastewater professionals from across the state.

  • Opportunities for professional growth: Through the Technical Certification Program (TCP), wastewater professionals receive certification in any (or all) of six disciplines: Collections System Maintenance; Laboratory Analysis; Mechanical Technology; Electrical & Instrumentation; Environmental Compliance Inspection; and Industrial Waste Treatment Operation.
  • Educational opportunities: To assist in advancing and fine-tuning the knowledge and skills wastewater professionals need, CWEA offers numerous outstanding educational events across the State as well as at the regional and Local Section levels.
  • Networking: Build a large network of professional connections throughout the state by participating in conferences, volunteer leadership opportunities and certification trainings,
  • Local Section: CWEA has 17 local sections across the state which will help you build your local network of water professionals. Each is led by a Board of Directors who actively work to provide training and professional development opportunities for members in their region. Joining the Board is an inspiring volunteer opportunity. As a local leader you’ll help your fellow wastewater professionals while building your own skills in team work, project management and budgeting.
  • Publications – E-bulletin & Wastewater Professional:
    • The monthly electronic E-Bulletin is filled with news and information about CWEA and its members. It is emailed to all members and is available 365 days a year from any internet connection.
    • The Wastewater Professional prints quarterly and is a noted resource for a variety of articles relevant to the wastewater treatment industry, including technical articles to keep you in-the-know about current research.
    • Access to free CWEA certification study guides
  • Eligible for CWEA’s awards and recognition programs

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“The benefit of CWEA for me is the incredible amount of contacts – I know more people in the CWEA than anywhere else. It’s a really diverse group of people – different agencies, different types of people.”

Roy Reynolds
CWEA Board of Directors
Chair, Technical Certification Program
Maintenance Superintendent, Plant 1
Orange County Sanitation District

“Working with other CWEA certified Laboratory professionals on this project and learning how other labs perform analysis is always captivating and eye opening.”

Tara McClinton
Volunteer TCP Moderator
Lab Technician II
Napa Sanitation District
Laboratory Analyst, Grade 4
Environmental Compliance Inspector, Grade 4

“I think what I like most about the CWEA Collections Committee is the cohesion and diligence. We truly are brothers and sisters of the sewers.”

Dennis Lambert
Volunteer TCP Moderator,
Collections Crew Leader, Rodeo Sanitary District
SWRCB Operator, Grade 4
Collections Systems Maintenance, Grade 3
Electrical & Instrumentation, Grade 2
Industrial WTPO, Grade 2

“I can say that personally you get back what you put in to an organization. I have put a lot of time into CWEA and I believe I have gotten back everything that I have put in.”

Cassie Prudhel
CWEA Board of Directors
Chair, Training Coordination Committee
Environmental Compliance Inspector Grade 4
Laboratory Analyst Grade 4